35th National Mar Thoma Youth Conference – July 17-20, 2014


The St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church of Chicago (STMTC) is extremely thrilled to be hosting the 35th National Mar Thoma Youth Conference in Chicago, IL, at Trinity International University.

On July 17-20, 2014 we will bring together youth from across the North American diocese to embark on an exciting journey of discovering a God who provides us with the tools we need to #FaceTheGiants. Through heartfelt prayer and fellowship, we hope that we may come together to learn more about our faith, identify the challenges we face, and discover ways in which we can overcome our everyday struggles, fears, and doubts. While reacquainting ourselves with familiar faces, forming new friendships, and together searching for the same answers, we hope and pray that we may ultimately come together to share and learn more about the God who reigns in our lives.