Sevika Sangham

MinistryIn the early twentieth century, the late Abraham Mar Thoma suffragon Metropolitan felt the need to acknowledge and appreciate the contribution of women in the gospel ministry . He considered it fit to form an organized body which would enable empowerment of women and facilitate them to be partners in the ministry of the kingdom of God. As a result The Malankara Mar Thoma Suvisesha Sevika Sanghom was established in 1919. After the formation of the Sanghom’s foundation structure a well thought out constitution was formulated and rules and regulations were laid out for its working. The administrative centre of the Sanghom is in Thiruvalla.

The dedication and pioneering work of Mrs. Kandamma Verghese and her group of workers is commendable. They travelled to different churches and formed small units at the parish level. The women of the parishes were motivated by the dedication and commitment shown by these ladies. Now there are about 900 branches. The Sevika Sangham gives full support to all the ministries of the church.