Patrick Mission Project

The first initiative of the Mission is to build a community center on the church grounds of McGee chapel of the Choctaw Presbytery, in Broken Bow, Oklahoma that would serve as a resource center to the people there. McGee Chapel is willing to donate up to 4 acres of land on lease for 99 years to Diocese The plan is to build a facility up to 3,000 sq. ft., for an estimated cost of $300,000. The facility will consists of multipurpose conference rooms, dorm style living arrangements for 40-50 persons, kitchen, dining area etc. This facility will be used as a center for the Native American Indians especially for the youth there, and a venue for regular events that build the people up emotionally, academically and spiritually. The facility also will serve as a place of stay for the volunteers from our parishes who participate in mission work among Native Americans.

What is Patrick Mission ?

  • This is the first Mar Thoma Mission Center to be built in the United States of America, affirming the commitment of the Mar Thoma Church to serve our neighbors, the Native American Indians.
  • To continue serving God, building relationships, and furthering the legacy of Patrick, who generously gave his time, talent, and resources to advance the Kingdom of God.

The facility will consist of:

  • A common fellowship area
  • Living arrangements for 40-50 mission volunteers
  • Kitchen/Dining area
  • Conference rooms

The Community Center to be used:

  • By members of Choctaw Nation For Vacation Bible School, Youth ministry, Counseling center, After-school and Recreational programs, Library/computer facility
  • By organizations & churches: As Mission center for Youth retreats, Regional and National Leadership conferences.